Deluxe Lawn Program

This program includes all Lawn Maintenance Signature Services as follows:

The lawn is maintained at a height of 3-31/2″ weekly. Lawn Maintenance is completed on the same day each week weather permitting. Lawn clippings are picked up and removed as needed providing a healthy lawn and neat appearance. Clippings are blown or swept off of all sidewalks and driveways. Lawn edges are trimmed on a weekly basis, or as needed to facilitate good looks. Lawn Maintenance is the minimum service offered. Lawn Maintenance is required to receive additional programs or services.

Six (6) applications of premium Fertilizer and Weed Control are applied at optimal times and soil temperatures throughout the season. Fertilizer applications provide the correct amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. The nutrients are applied in granular form to stimulate leaf growth, promote green color, and develop root systems. The first applications contain a pre-emergent for crabgrass prevention. Weed Control is applied in liquid form. Weeds are sprayed as needed and with each Fertilizer application.

Small cores of soil and thatch are removed from the lawn areas in the fall. The lawn is Core Aerated to improve lawn grass rooting, reduce soil compaction, and enhance thatch breakdown.

The Spring Clean-Up includes the removal of all debris, accumulated leaves, and material at the beginning of the season as weather permits. All material will be removed from around buildings, landscape beds, lawn areas, driveways, and sidewalks, and hauled away.

This service includes the weekly maintenance of leaves on the lawn areas during the fall until the final Fall Clean-Up at the end of the season. The Fall Clean-Up includes the removal of all debris, accumulated leaves, and material from around buildings, landscape beds, lawn areas, driveways, and sidewalks. All material removed will be hauled away. Please note; We will not be on the property if we don’t do the weekly maintenance.

The following work is not included in the contract but may be necessary during the season. A written quote of these services may be submitted for your approval: 1. Cleaning and/or repair due to vandalism, natural disaster, wind, ice, snow, or fire. 2. Adjustment, repair, or replacement of irrigation, lighting, or per containment systems.

The program price is divided into Eight Equal Installments per season. Monthly installment price may vary based on start date.

Basic Lawn Program

This program includes the Lawn Maintenance Signature Services as follows:

  • Lawn Maintenance (weekly, April through November)
  • Fertilization and Weed Control (six applications at optimal times throughout the season)
  • One clean-up of your choice (either Spring or Fall clean-up)

The program price is divided into Eight Equal Installments per season. Monthly installment price may vary based on start date.

Deluxe Bed Program

This program includes ALL Bed Maintenance Signature Services as follows:

Weed Removal eliminates existing weeds in all bed areas including rock beds. Bed material is cultivated promoting moisture in plant roots. Hoes, hand cultivators, and/or cultivator machines may be used in addition to hand pulling of weeds three times per season in the spring, summer, and fall. Flower bed edges are spade edged with each Weed Removal visit leaving a clean appearance.

Granular Pre-Emergent is applied in early spring before weed seedlings emerge. The granular application is 60-80% effective stopping weed seed germination thereby reducing weeds throughout the season.

Dark premium hardwood double-processed mulch is delivered and installed twice during the season. Once in the Spring and once in the Summer. Popular in color and smell, our mulch provides moisture retention, breaks down into fine humus. This break down amends soil around plants, shrubs, and trees.

All bush, hedge, evergreen, and tree material that can be pruned without climbing will be trimmed in the Spring and Fall. Each plant is shaped to develop natural form and maintain a neat and orderly appearance. All debris and material is removed from the property.

The program price is divided into Eight Equal Installments per season. Monthly installment price may vary based on start date.

Basic Bed Program

This program includes the Bed Maintenance Signature Services as follows:

  • Weed removal (three removals, Spring, Summer and Fall seasons)
  • One Bush and Hedge Trimming of your choice (either a Spring Bush & Hedge Trim or a Fall Bush & Hedge Trim)

The program price is divided into Eight Equal Installments per season. Monthly installment price may vary based on start date.

Additional Services

These services are not included in featured programs, but may be necessary during the season. A written quote may be provided per request. These services are provided at additional cost.

This preventative, granular application is applied one time per season. This preventative protects the lawn against grubs and the results are guaranteed.

Lawn and landscape areas are susceptible to disease and insect damage. If you suspect a problem, call and inform the office. An estimator will walk the property and provide free analysis recommending disease control treatment specific to the type of damage at your property. The recommendations will be submitted as an estimate for your approval.

Overseeding is recommended to restore thinning lawns, to thicken healthy lawns, and to promote disease resistance. We have this service available in combination with Aeration or Full Lawn Renovation with the use of machine dethatchers and overseeders.

This type of seeding is recommended to restore those thin or bare areas in the lawn needing attention. Please call for pricing. An estimator will submit a proposal with pricing and the recommended time for seed application.

Competitive Lawn Service offers Landscaping and Landscape Renovations. Please call the office for a FREE personal consultation. 

Varieties of mulch, topsoil, and compost are also available for delivery and installation. Delivery and Installation requires an estimate. There is a minimum of 3 yards per Delivery for Delivery only. Please call us for price quotes and availability.

The length of the season is April – November. The first services may occur before April 1st if optimal conditions exist.

Client will be notified prior to any seasonal price increases. This contract may be canceled by either party for any reason by serving a notice thirty days prior to date of cancellation. Such notice may be serviced personally or by registered mail. Only the amount due and owing will be paid to the contractor for services rendered up to the date of cancellation.

Payment for services rendered are do at time of service. Bank direct withdrawal or credit card needs to be on file with Competitive Lawn Service. 

It is important to use only an insured business for service completed on your premises. Competitive Lawn Service and all employees are fully insured. A certificate of insurance will be provided upon request as proof of employee worker’s compensation and general contractor’s liability insurance policies. We reserve the right to not indemnify on claims of damage on which our company has not been duly notified and given reasonable opportunity to make restitution.

All work is performed by trained, uniformed, supervised, and insured employees. All chemicals and fertilizers are applied in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturer and by licensed professionals. All work will be performed in a timely and orderly manner as specified in this outline. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as heavy rains, work will be scheduled the following week.

We participate in BBB CARE, a client assistance program of the Better Business Bureau. We will cooperate with the BBB’s efforts to assist in the resolution of any dispute that may arise under this contract. Upon your request, we will agree to mutually binding arbitration of certain unresolved disputes. There are limits as to the claims that can be arbitrated—call the BBB for further information.