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Eric Hansen Talks about Propane Powered Lawn Equipment – Lawn & Garden Webvision had a chance to interview Eric Hansen of Competitive Lawn Service ( at the 2010 GIE+EXPO. Eric explained how he was the first company in the US to have an ALL alternative fuel lawn care business, primarily using Propane. It was here that he shared how he was able to do this using the advice from the Metro Lawn Program. ( The Metro Lawn program was able to connect the dots for him on running his business using propane. Eric also explained how he was able to use his alternative fuel fleet to get a leg up on his competition. Even if he was a little higher on his bids, he was getting the contracts based on his company being Green.

Hansen also shared with us how is going to be the first company in the country to tackle the snow business using an all alternative fuel fleet. We can’t wait to speak with him next spring where he will share the success of his first Winter season. Check back for all the latest updates.