A perfect lawn. Automated.

Have us install and manage an automower on your property. Your lawn will look better than ever — and our property care experts will have more time to keep doing what they do best.

Robotic lawn mowing

Cuts your lawn perfectly.

Mowing daily rather than weekly ensures a more uniform look — and discourages weeds and moss from growing. By cutting just a little bit of grass at a time, your soil will be naturally fertilized by the clippings. The result is a lawn that always looks neat, tidy and healthy.

Works quietly and efficiently.

You won’t hear a thing. Discreet and nearly silent, your mower can navigate lawns of varying complexity. Rain or shine, daytime or nighttime, we will build a mowing schedule that is convenient to your schedule.

Family enjoying time outside Downers Grove IL

Completely safe.

With special blades, a collision sensor and a built-in alarm system, your Automower is safer than a conventional lawnmower. It operates so gently that you, your children and your pets can all move around your yard freely.

Leave a green (and quiet) footprint

Because Automower® is electric, it produces no direct emissions. Plus, Automower’s® sharp, pivoting blades and innovative motor reduce noise, allowing for 24/7 mowing in noise-sensitive areas. The image on the right clearly shows how far noise spreads from Automower® when compared to a traditional mower.

Give every lawn a carpet-like look

Wherever you install an robotic mower, expect excellent results. By cutting the grass a small amount at a time, the mower’s three razor-sharp blades deliver a cut quality that conventional mowers can’t match. Nutrients from the clippings provide a constant source of fertilization, keeping the lawn green, healthy and lush. Plus, thanks to the varying cutting pattern and the mower’s low weight, there will be no visible tracks. 

Your lawn’s health will improve.

Your mower will clip your yard gently — quarters of an inch at a time. The smaller clippings will decompose quickly, allowing the soil to absorb nutrients.

Enjoy a consistently beautiful turf.

Your mower will map your yard over time, cutting the entire area randomly over the course of two days. This means your lawn will look absolutely impeccable — with no lines, track marks or mud streaks.

Spend less on fertilizer and lawn care.

The smaller grass clippings not only fertilize the lawn as it grows, but the consistent cut also keeps moss and weeds away.

Prevent noise and emissions pollution.

Your Automower is so quiet that you may not even notice it. Its powerful battery and self-charging abilities mean no more gas emissions either!

Works no matter the weather.

Your Automower is designed to withstand the elements, with a tough outer shell and a completely waterproof body. It even cuts while it rains!

Fully trackable.

Each Automower contains a GPS unit so it’s safe from thieving neighbors.

Get started with Automowing

Contact us to find out if your property is eligible for our Automower program.