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Propane Powered Lawn Equipment

Eric Hansen Talks about Propane Powered Lawn Equipment - Lawn & Garden Webvision had a chance to interview Eric Hansen of Competitive Lawn Service ( at the 2010 GIE+EXPO. Eric explained how he was the first company in the US to have an ALL alternative fuel lawn care...

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Chicago Clean Cities Coalition

Green Propane Power and the Chicago Clean Cities Coalition - Eric Hansen speaks with Samantha Bingham of the Chicago Clean Cities Coalition about propane, what it is, the equipment he uses for his business, and the future of propane. Bingham of the Chicago Clean Cities Coalition describes...

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Vehicle Wrapping

Why Wrapping Your Vehicle Works!

Eric Hansen speaks with Mike Heffner about wrapping your commercial vehicles for advertising. Hansen explains how he was doing this years ago and how it helped increase his visibility and his business. Heffner explains the benefits of wrapping a vehicle and...

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Tim Moore Humidor

The Humidor on Alternative Fuels and Green Propane Power

Eric Hansen speaks with Tim Moore at the Humidor about business in general and the benefits of using alternative fuels for business. Moore thinks that alternative fueled vehicles are a great idea as long as the fuel is available. Hansen talks about the 1...

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Illinois Business Systems talks about Alternative Green Propane Power

Eric Hansen speaks with Richard Mytnik, President of Illinois Business Systems about alternative fuels today. The focus of this discussion was about small handheld equipment and Hansen shows Mytnik a propane powered blower by Lehr that uses the Manchester 1...

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Jack Roush Fuels Propane-Powered F-350

Competitive Lawn Service Switches To Propane

Propane Trucks and Equipment running on propane? You bet!! Propane is cleaner, significantly reduces our emissions, and lowers costs, allowing us to pass savings on to our clients. Request a fast free estimate delivered to your home or business. Let us...

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